First settled before the American Revolution by Islam Pittman from South Carolina, Ashpole, Fairmont’s original name, was attributed to the abundance of ash trees in the nearby swamp. Its early economy was influenced by the lumber resources and later, railroad expansion. The church was a strong influence in the area with the Ashpole Presbyterian Church established in 1791. Prior to the that, the church building had served as a school and meeting house for all denominations until 1787 when the Methodists organized their own church. Ashpole Institute was founded here by Rev. Stinson Ivey in the 19th century.

Ashpole became a stop on the Southeastern Railroad line in 1898 and the town’s first lots were sold. Incorporated as Union City in 1899 as a meeting point for the railroad and the tobacco market, the town did not retain this name. It was instead renamed Ashpole until 1907 when the current town name, Fairmont, was adopted.

Commercial growth of the town expanded in this century. One general store and a blacksmith shop were noted in 1879. By 1930 thirty general stores and a variety of other enterprises had been established.

Fairmont’s 20th century growth has been associated with the tobacco industry. Today, truck farming and the textile industry are expanding as part of the economic development of this area.

Fairmont has several medical facilities, specializing in general medical and dialysis.

Come and play golf at the Flag Tree of Fairmont Golf Club,, an 18 hole championship course in excellent condition, located on HWY 130 By-Pass.

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