The first settlers in this area settled along the Shoe Hill Creek and Lumber River in the late 1700s. Incorporated in 1874 as Shoe Hill (from the Gaelic "S", the shape of the nearby creek), Maxton also held the names of Tilden (after an 1876 Democratic candidate for US President) and Quhele (Gaelic for "narrow part of a stream"). The name was changed back to Shoe Hill in 1881 and finally to Maxton in 1887. Maxton was chosen to honor the Scottish settlers to the area.

Floral College was founded in 1841 by John Gilchrist, Jr. and was closed in 1878. It was the first woman's college in the State to confer degrees. The remaining building of the college has been moved to the grounds of Centre Presbyterian Church.

Maxtonians of Note:

Birthplace of Angus W. McLean, Governor of North Carolina, 1924-1928. He went on to serve in the US Senate until his death in 1935.

Malcom McLean, founder of McLean Trucking and SeaLand Inc. He was named "Man of the Century" by the International Maritime Hall of Fame.

Alice Russell Micheaux, concert soloist and movie actress - her credits include: The Betrayal (1948), God's Step Children (1938), Murder in Harlem (1935) and The Broken Violin (1927).

Town facilities include Gilbert Patterson Memorial Public Library and Maxton Family Resources Center. The Maxton Historical Society operates a museum of local history, which is open on Sunday afternoons.

In the past few years the Town has begun to revive itself.

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